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Big Tent Revival

Big Tent Revival

Artist Biography

Big Tent Revival is a Christian rock band that formed in 1991, toured extensively, disbanded in 2000, and reformed in 2012. They were featured at the Harvest Crusades. Their most popular songs were "Two Sets of Jones'", "Choose Life", and "What Would Jesus Do?". The first told a story about two different couples in which one trusted in Jesus through the storms of life and the other didn't. The second was used as an invitational at Harvest Crusade altar calls. The last was part of the WWJD movement that encouraged people to consider what Jesus would do in real-life situations.

Guitarist Randy Williams now works as a marketing consultant after touring for six years as a guitarist for Jeremy Camp.

Steve Wiggins is on staff with Bellevue Baptist Church, as Contemporary Worship Pastor. He also founded and runs the Living Room Study, a Bible study group, using a chapter-a-day approach to learning the bible. It also incorporates weekly music and teaching events in public coffeehouses. Wiggins also writes songs for pastor Greg Laurie, along with Hanz Ives and Bill Batstone.

Spence Smith works for Compassion International in Artist Relations and maintains the blog Spence Smith – Connecting People To Life.

David Alan is Creative Director at Brentwood Baptist and continues to do studio work with Zodlounge Music, a music production studio in Nashville. He also does graphic design work for Music Row Creative.

The band released The Way Back Home on October 30, 2012, a project that was financed through KickStarter.

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