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Canopy Climbers

Canopy Climbers

Artist Biography

Made up of three members in three different cities, Canopy Climbers writes and records via the internet, a modern band stitched together by technology. Cory Nelson, Alan Thomas, and Nathan Miller originally from Little Rock, Arkansas make up the group producing music stylistically between Mute Math’s energetic rock in roll and Sleeping At Last’s lush pop.

The band’s debut album, Distances, was an exercise in restraint, ambient tones compliment the electronic underpinnings which swell throughout the album. On their sophomore release, Miles, little is held back as sonically addicting melodies burst from every corner of the album. Lead singles “Stuck” and “Always” lead the charge, displaying the band’s firm footing in both an indie-rock world and one of mainstream pop radio. With Miles, Canopy Climbers skipped the sophomore slump and raised the bar they had already set high for themselves.

The trio again expanded the listener's mind with their third effort, Blindfolded, and challenged any preconceived notions fans might have been settling in on. The four songs rely heavily on pulsating rhythms and darker electronic tones. “Chance” is a Canopy Climber’s anthem set to match the EP’s other tracks in mood, but the biggest surprise comes with the hip/hop appearance on the bridge of “Secret.” Features on IMPOSE Magazine, Relevant Magazine, and have introduced the trio to a wider audience as their presence on Hype Machine continues to grow thanks to glowing mentions on Indie Shuffle and PopDose.

The Canopy Climbers aren't done, however. Pop melodies tinged with nostalgic memories will define Canopy Climber's upcoming EP Fever which is set for release in early 2015. Instant, summer defining, classics echo throughout the upcoming release and bring existing fans on yet another new ride. The first single, ”Slip”, hints at what to expect musically with its trebly bass and floating '80s-esque synth. The second single, “Fever”, is drenched in pop synths and beats, and laced with love song lyrics. The band's ability to bring depth to any genre still remains intact.

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