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Chris Tomlin

Chris Tomlin

Artist Biography

Singer/songwriter Chris Tomlin has been inspiring listeners with his music for over a decade. Born in Texas, Chris wrote his first worship song at the young age of 14. Even with his natural musical ability, Tomlin didn’t realize he wanted to be a musician until he went to college to study physical therapy.
While in school at Texas A&M University, Chris continued to sing and write music. In 1997, he was asked by pastor Louie Giglio, to work with Passion Conferences- a worship conference geared towards young adults, particularly college students. A few years later, Tomlin released his debut album The Noise We Make in 2001 featuring the songs, “Forever” and “Be Glorified,” and quickly followed that with Not to Us in 2002.

Over the last decade, Chris has released a variety of songs including: “How Great Is Our God,” “Our God,” “Holy Is The Lord,” “Indescribable,” “Jesus Messiah,” “Whom Shall I Fear,” “Waterfall" and "Jesus Loves Me.” “It’s the gift that God’s given me… It’s definitely God’s favor on the songs,” Chris says in regards to the success of his music. “There’s no marketing plan that can do what only God can do and put the songs in people’s hearts. The beautiful thing of it is the kind of songs I write aren’t about the artist. A lot of these songs, hopefully, become the people’s songs. Hopefully they become the soundtrack for their lives and their worship to God. That’s why I write them.”
When not on tour, Chris can be found leading worship at Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA, as well as at the annual Passion Conferences. “I just love that God uses me,” he says, “but my role isn’t to grab as much attention as I possibly can, but to really point people to God. I don’t spend my time thinking how to make myself more popular, so maybe that's why there’s a bit of a mystery there.”

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