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Craig Smith

Craig Smith

Artist Biography

Craig has written and recorded fourteen recording projects, written two books, Ancient Path and Vigil, with a recording currently in completion process and three more books in the works. Several songs from past projects charted nationally with some reaching within some landing in the top ten national Christian songs. He has been a Dove award nominee for best worship album category and once Sesac's Inspirational Songwriter of the Year.

Though for years his ministry led him to travel nationally and internationally, he has been firmly rooted and involved in his local church family in Arkansas. Craig and his wife Dianna are in their nineteenth year as pastors of the church which has been their home base for almost 30 years in Fort Smith.

Craig is also the founder of Village2Village, a non-profit organization that exists to inspire hope for those living with little. Some ways this is accomplished is by helping raise the visibility and assist various frontline mission efforts around the world and by establishing new ones. Craig is attempting to build a community of caring friends to help accomplish the vision of Village2Village. A percentage of each purchase from the Craig Smith website goes directly to the Village2Village Non-profit organization.

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