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Artist Biography

Born in Brooklyn NY, and raised in the island of Puerto Rico. David grew up with a passion for art and at the age of 16 bought his first guitar. Quickly began teaching him self by learning punk rock songs and began playing in bands at 17. At the age of 19, decided to move to the US to play music full time. At the age of 23, started his own media company, Efileno Arts And Media, since then he's been directing music videos all over the country. DAVII is a combination of everything David has done in his life to this point, a project that won't be tied to just music, but films and graphic novels as well.

The goal is simple, work hard, and create often. Everything you see and hear will come straight out David's mind. From the writing, to the production, the videos and the artwork.

DAVII also has a message indulged within, this message is of hope for a better day. Filled with personal stories and experiences that have shaped David into the person he is now, not a perfect by any means, but forgiven and redeemed.

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