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Drew Allen

Drew Allen

Artist Biography

"I want my music to make people relate, reflect and repent". A bold statement from the twenty- something crooner. DREW ALLEN has no qualms about letting it be known that he is a Christian, and holds nothing back when sharing through his music what a struggle it has been for him.

Unlike most singers, DREW didn't come from a church background singing in the choir or attend a school where he learned to perfect his vocals. In fact, DREW didn't even realize his talent until he became a teenager.

Rewind to the early 90’s. As DREW ALLEN moved from Florida to Colorado with his mother, he grew up watching her engineer sessions at the prevalent Salt Productions Studios. His ear for the technical side of music developed greatly and eventually peaked his interest into testing the waters as an artist. With a supportive mother who encouraged him to try all things musical, and after dabbling in pursuing a rap career DREW finally decided on singing, songwriting and producing music for other artists.
In 2011 a random "tweet" and an accidental encounter with Morchez Frazier of Golden State Management led to an invitation to join the Golden State Management team.

Coming on board to Golden State Management proved to be a smart move and 2012 became DREW’s “break out” year. Earning songwriting, production and vocal credits on Jimmie Reign’s crossover album “The Other Side Of Love”, as well as honing his songwriting skills with former Atlantic Records VP of A&R, Damon Eden, DREW has begun to pave a guaranteed path to greatness.

Now coming into his own, the ambitious singer offers listeners a front row seat to watch his growth musically and spiritually. DREW ALLEN presents rich, reflective lyrical content, honest story-telling and quality musicality. He is a rare find, a raw talent and most importantly a man of God.

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