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Eager Seas

Eager Seas

Artist Biography

Eager Seas (formerly known as Lakes) is an American indie rock band, formed in June 2006 in Atascadero, California, consisting mainly of the former band members of Watashi Wa. They are signed to The Militia Group and on September 5, 2006, released a five song EP named Photographs EP.

Seth Roberts, the lead vocalist of Watashi Wa, formed a new ensemble called Eager Seas after Watashi Wa's 2004 break-up, but the subsequent album was released under the name Watashi Wa in 2006. Roberts then left Tooth & Nail Records and signed with The Militia Group, with the new ensemble renamed Lakes.

Their first show was played at the Cornerstone festival in 2006, where they also sold a limited number (200 copies) of their EP. This was more than a month before the official release date. The EP, released in September 2006, featured guest appearances by Mike Herrera of MxPx and Aaron Marsh of Copeland.Lakes uploaded a new song on MySpace on August 24, entitled "The Heart Is An Anchor".

On August 11, 2010, Lakes announced the release of their full-length album, The Agreement. The album was released on September 3, 2010 and featured 14 tracks.

March 19, 2015, Lakes announced via the Facebook page that they would return to their original name, Eager Seas.

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