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Heather Williams

Heather Williams

Artist Biography

Heather Lynn Williams (born February 3, 1976, Holder,) is an American Christian Contemporary-Rock-Soul-Worship singer-songwriter born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan. In 2011 Williams released the album entitled This Time Around, her first full-length studio album that was with the record label Fair Trade Services.

Williams was raised in a poor, abusive home by her step-father and birth mother until she was 11, when her mother gave her away. After that, Williams went to live with her grandfather, but later on came to live with her aunt and uncle, who became her adopted parents. Because of her childhood turmoil, Williams abused drugs and alcohol but at 18 gave her life to Jesus Christ.Williams married Timothy Blair Williams in August 1995 in Stuart, Florida, and the couple's eldest son died at the age of six months, testing their faith in God. However, Williams subsequently gave birth to a healthy girl and two more boys. She and her husband currently reside in Stuart, Florida. She is a worship leader at Morningside Church in the Worship L.O.U.D Services.

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