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Artist Biography

If fans traced the roots of Lynx, they would find them planted in 1970. That's when two young friends, singer and guitarist Mike Swartz and bassist Bob Walker, were attending high school together in Toronto, Canada. It was there that the duo formed their first band, Black Wheat, and began to land small local gigs wherever they could. A few years later, the group went through a name change to become Lynx, and experienced a few growth spurts. New members included guitarist Rob Swartz; drummer Rick Haberman; and keyboardist, saxophonist, and singer Tony Caputo.

Lynx recorded its first demo of tunes in 1975. Within a few short months, the group was put under contract by Quality Records and sent off to the studio to record an album. The debut was titled Missing Lynx and hit the market in 1976. A year later the bandmembers split up. Caputo wasn't ready to call it quits yet, so in 1978 he brought in singer and guitarist Norm Paulin, bassist Daryl "Harpo" Peterson, and drummer and percussionist Jim "Zippy" Differ. With an almost completely new lineup, Lynx returned to the studio to make two more albums, Sneak Attack and We Are the People. By 1980 this version of Lynx fell apart as well.

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