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Mallory Hope

Mallory Hope

Artist Biography

A gifted singer and songwriter who has made a name for herself in both country and CCM circles, Mallary Hope has been blessed with a strong, clear voice that sounds heartfelt whether she's singing about love or faith. Mallary Hope was born in Cohutta, Georgia on June 21, 1987. Her father was a pastor, and she had four siblings. Hope insists she began singing when she was only two years old, and she sang in her father's church all through her childhood. When she was only nine, young Mallary and her family visited Nashville, and she was invited to sing onstage at the Nashville Palace, where she performed "Daddy's Hands" and "Unchained Melody." In addition to singing, Hope learned to play guitar, piano, and flute. When she was 12, Hope formed a band, and by the time she completed high school, they were playing as many as 150 dates a year.

When she was 17, Hope decided it was time to begin pursuing her musical career full-time, and she left Georgia to relocate to Nashville, Tennessee. As she worked hard to make a name for herself, Hope earned a reputation as a session vocalist, and her voice appeared on over 500 publishing demos. In 2008, Hope landed a recording contract with MCA Records, and in August 2009 the label released her first single, "Love Lives On," with an EP of the same title following shortly after. The EP debuted on the Country Albums chart at number 57, and a follow-up single, "Blossom in the Dust," rose to number 48 on the Country Singles chart.

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