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Mark Heard

Mark Heard

Artist Biography

1951, Macon, Georgia, USA, d. 16 August 1992, USA. Heard was a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) singer-songwriter and guitarist, whose promising career was tragically cut short, although he received numerous accolades from his peers and left behind an impressive discography of albums before his death. Heard’s musical talents were noticed early on, as he was supposedly offered a recording contract with Columbia Records shortly after turning 20, but admirably turned it down, opting for ‘artistic freedom’ instead. He did some soul searching in Switzerland during the early 70s, as he studied the writings of philosopher Francis Schaeffer, which influenced his own songwriting. Although Heard sporadically released albums during the 70s, it was not until the dawn of the 80s that he began issuing recordings on a regular basis (almost all of which were issued via the independent Home Sweet Home label), including highlights such as 1982’s Victims Of The Age, 1984’s Ashes And Light, and 1985’s Mosaics. The 90s proved to be a promising time for Heard’s career, as he launched his own record label, Fingerprint Records, and averaged a new album per year between 1990 and 1992. On the evening of 4 July 1992, Heard was performing at the Cornerstone Festival (on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois), when he suffered a minor heart attack on stage. Despite being able to complete the evening’s performance, Heard checked himself into a nearby hospital. He appeared to have recovered sufficiently enough to be released from the hospital a week later, but just a few hours later (during a walk with his wife and daughter), Heard suffered another heart attack, this one far more serious. It placed the singer-songwriter in a coma, where he remained for about a month before being taken off life support. Several posthumous compilations of Heard’s best work have since surfaced, such as 1993’s High Noon and 2000’s Greatest Hits.

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