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Matty Mullins

Matty Mullins

Artist Biography

Reflecting on the experiences that led him to craft two solo albums

proclaiming a courageous faith, Mullins says, “It was a season of my

life where I was struggling a lot, but I was learning a lot at the same

time. I had so many questions and as I dug deeper, God revealed the

answers with profound clarity.”

He gets to play music for a

living. He’s married to his high-school sweetheart, has tons of fans, a

burgeoning hair product business and is surrounded by good-natured

friends. Yet despite these gifts, Matty Mullins received

an important supernatural reminder that fear and anxiousness can humble

anybody, even the most steadfast of believers.

A pastor’s son

from the Pacific Northwest who has made Nashville home, Mullins deepened

his own relationship and discipleship following a series of crippling

panic attacks, anxiety, and chronic depression. The album’s title track

and lead single lays it all on the line, painting an evocative picture

of the challenges facing the modern world, all defeated by a singular

devotion. “Through the night, in the darkest times, I believe His light

still shines,” the song declares with bold excitement. “This love is


As frontman for Memphis May Fire,

one of the premiere bands in the “metalcore” genre, Mullins encourages

crowds at large secular music festivals like Warped Tour with a mixture

of relatable personal confessions and faith-based positivity. He’s

blessed with one of the most recognizable and vital voices in

alternative youth culture, helping his band garner rock radio play,

millions of YouTube views, magazine covers around the world and over two

million followers on social media, while simultaneously offering an

even fuller expression of his vibrant faith as a newly emerging CCM solo


Memphis May Fire’s 2014 album Unconditional debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 and its follow-up, This Light I Hold,

has broken through to commercial rock radio. Mullins honors his gift,

offering fellowship and cathartic expression to a diverse audience with

his abrasive and loud metalcore band, while equally pouring passion into

the more stunningly spirit-filled anthems of a different sort that

color his solo work. “I’ve been writing so much, I had such an overflow

of lyrics, and there is only so much I can say within the boundaries of

heavy music,” he explains. “I grew up on Christian radio and pop music.

It just always lived inside of me. It continues to be a huge part of who

I am.”

A calling to make an impassioned musical declaration of

faith led to the creation of Mullins self-titled solo debut, which

debuted at #66 on the Billboard 200 in the fall of 2014. Featuring

worshipful supplications like “See You in Everything” and “More of You,”

as well as the gripping album-closer “Glory” and it’s accompanying

cinematic music video, Mullins’ solo debut was chiefly a collaboration

between him and Cameron Mizell, who has produced records for Memphis May Fire and their alt-rock metalcore contemporaries like Sleeping With Sirens, Crown The Empire, and The Word Alive.


instrumental music that ran the gamut from singer/songwriter jams to

dance-floor ready pop, Mullins lyrics and vocals indulged his deep love

for CCM touchstones like Audio Adrenaline, MercyMe, The Newsboys, DC Talk, Michael W. Smith, and Steven Curtis Chapman,

endeavoring to put the same type of positivity into the proceedings.

“It was so much fun and therapeutic to express myself in a different

fashion,” he says.

Unstoppable is much more focused,

‘though no less diverse. “What matters most is that the message is

always consistent,” the singer notes. Mizell returns as producer, but

Unstoppable sees Mullins stepping out as a songwriter like never before,

collaborating with different singers and songwriters in order to make

his strongest statement yet.

Four-time GMA Dove Award winner Pete Kipley, whose songwriting credits include MercyMe’s “I Can Only Imagine,” was the first new collaborator Matty sat down with, which resulted in the Unstoppable track

“Until I Need You.” “Pete was so encouraging and so supportive of me

and what I wanted to accomplish,” Mullins enthusiastically says. “I

realized that I had been robbing myself of these incredible co-writing

experiences by trying to hold on too tightly to what I was claiming was


Opening up to collaborating with Kipley led to even more enriching experiences: Kipley enlisted four-time Grammy nominee Matthew West, one of Matty’s favorite current CCM artists.


was talking with Matthew and Pete about my story, about the

unbelievable amount of daily anxiety I had for almost two years,” he

explains. “It was deeply rooted in things that had been unaddressed in

my life for years. I realized through it all that God wasn't causing it

to happen. He was allowing it to happen so that I could reach out for

Him in a whole new way. The first verse of ‘Until I Need You’ says,

'Break me down so you can build me up. Pour me out so you can fill this

cup. This life I've made, God, it's not enough. Break me down so you can

build me up.' It’s me crying out to God in my darkest moments, seeking

His will.”

“I Choose You” is a reminder to never let the past

overshadow the present or future. The chorus proclaims, “Today I choose

forgiven / today I choose redeemed / today I choose to listen to what

You say about me / this time I won't give into the lies I once believed /

I'm falling into the outstretched arms of truth / today I choose You."


often, we as believers look to the past and think about how much we've

done wrong,” says Mullins. “’I Choose You’ is about choosing to believe

that I am who God says I am and not who the world says I am. I'm

choosing God in those moments of despair. I'm choosing Him even when all

of my humanity wants to look at my mistakes and my brokenness. The song

is about how everyday, I will choose Him instead.”

The album’s title track and lead single features Jordan Feliz,

New Artist of the Year winner at the Dove Awards in 2016. “We first

connected over social media and our friendship blossomed quickly,”

Mullins explains. “Jordan came from the metalcore scene as well. It was a

really cool opportunity for us to meet each other and collaborate.” The

song is intended to be an anthem for anyone who feels utterly hopeless,

reaching for something real, in hopes that they may find peace in the

one who loves them most.

“God continuously opens doors with this

project in a way that I've never experienced before,” says Mullins. “I

know God has me in Memphis May Fire for multiple reasons. I thought this

solo project was just for fun, but He's continuously revealing Himself

to me by saying, 'I want you to be fully invested in both of these

projects.’ I believe God can use me in mainstream music and in Christian

music at the same time, to introduce people to Jesus and to encourage

those who already believe.”

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