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Paul Colman Trio

Paul Colman Trio

Artist Biography

Paul, Grant and Phil! three Aussie mates from Melbourne who had a lot of serious fun together as a band - first based in Australia from late 1998 and then in the USA from early 2002 - gathering a devoted bunch of "serious fans" along the way.

And it seems that the pc3's "break" since early 2004 was not permanent after all! Perhaps buoyed by the success and serious fun of April 2009's reunion performances at Australian musical festival Easterfest, the band re-entered the recording studio in January 2011 to record a new album of as-yet unreleased material.

Expect more signature pc3 material that can make you laugh, think, feel, dance, jump, and more ... sometimes all at the same time. Songs that are struggling towards truth with a smile and a broken prayer. Songs about a loving God, not religion.

Paul Colman Trio (pc3) released a new album "Return" to coincide with the Return Tour of Australia in April 2011. The tour concluded with a “back by popular demand” appearance at Easterfest on April 22nd in Towoomba, Queensland. Such was the success of the Reunion Tour, that a further tour of Australia happened in January 2012 - visiting Birsbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth to sell out venues, and high acclaim.

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