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The Jellyrox

The Jellyrox

Artist Biography

The Appalachian mountain ranges have been the birthplace of many a musician. From bootlegging and Civil war battlefields, to the country’s first craft guilds, they have been a haven and muse for many a songwriter. Taking all that into account it seems like only a slight juxtaposition for it to also be the birthplace of an electronic pop act. The Jellyrox, consisting only of Eleventyseven front man Matt Langston, is that act. Where most folks in Appalachia find themselves within arm’s reach of a fiddle or banjo, Langston’s instruments of choice is the synthesizer. Having formed out of a desire to pursue an entirely electronic sound, The Jellyrox “isn’t a far stretch from the pop song writing sensibilities of Eleventyseven, just a different approach to the music” Langston says. He ads, “My love for music has it’s roots almost exclusively in 80′s pop, so this feels like a pretty natural adventure”. As the early musical mountaineers before him forged their own sound with the instrumentation of their day, so Langston has chosen his own indigenous sonic tools and crafted something completely unique.

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