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The Michael Gungor Band

The Michael Gungor Band

Artist Biography

Michael Gungor is an American singer-songwriter. He leads the musical collective Gungor, which has received multiple Grammy nominations.The group's music has been compared to that of Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver, and Arcade Fire. Aside from his work with the band, Gungor has written and produced music for several other artists. He has also written a book titled The Crowd, the Critic, and the Muse: A Book for Creators.

In 2006, Gungor parted ways with Integrity Music, seeking more creative control over his music. He then formed the Michael Gungor Band, consisting of himself on guitar and vocals, his wife Lisa on vocals, his brother David Gungor on bass, John Arndt on piano, Josh Eatmon on drums, and former Desperation Band member Michael Rossback as a guitarist and producer.

Gungor rented a house down the road from his church in Grand Rapids and turned it into a recording studio. It was there that Gungor and Rossback produced their 2007 release, All I Need is Here.This was Gungor's first independent project, and was a great departure from the predictable CCM box of his two releases with Integrity.

In 2008, the Michael Gungor Band signed with Brash Records. The label re-released their album in 2008 as Ancient Skies, omitting two songs and adding the upbeat rock opener "Say So", as well as a song sung by Lisa, "You Are The Light".

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