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Tiger Drive

Tiger Drive

Artist Biography

Hailing from the elite Nashville music scene, Tiger Drive began their insatiable drive to make a musical impact in 2015 with their dynamic and multifaceted signature sound and stylization. Seeking a connection with people, regardless of the canvas their lives have been painted on, or the imperfections the world may deem as having no value, the band uses a high level of showmanship and raw energy to deliver a live performance that evokes a sense that they are on a mission. However, this is not a mission or journey they want their fans to simply watch from afar, but rather an experience they want to have with them - TOGETHER.

Strictly a DIY powerhouse with an innovative and multi-genre approach reminiscent of artist influences & industry heavyweights like Mute Math, Coldplay, Young The Giant, Imagine Dragons, Kanye West and Jon Bellion, the band delivers a style that encompasses a bold sensation of originality and familiarity; providing an energetic show experience that puts the crowd right into the band’s perspective, and a collective of defining factors contributed by each band member and cog of the machine.

In December 2016, Tiger Drive put out their demo track “Understand” as a YouTube release. In October 2017, the band released their official debut single “The In-Between”, inspired by the Netflix series Stranger Things. The single received positive reception and critical acclaim; garnering the band more listeners and discovery of their infectiously catchy sound.

However, it would be 2018 that really amped up the hype for Tiger Drive with the release of their sophomore single & music video "Legend" in January, which garnered industry attention around the Nashville scene and caught the attention of Radar Talent Agency, who inked a deal with the band in February, less than a month after the song’s release.

Now a solidified and established act as a band, Tiger Drive has no plans of slowing their momentum down anytime soon. They recently released their most anticipated single to date, “Here We Come”, currently available on mainstream digital music platforms, and plan on touring later this year.

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