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V. Rose

V. Rose

Artist Biography

When you survey the Christian music landscape in all its diversity—from inspirational, modern worship and crossover pop to urban and Black gospel to hip hop, rock and the hard music scene—there are very few artists that can’t be pigeonholed somewhere. But of those few, there’s only one like V.Rose, a spiritually grounded millennial whose musical roots run eclectic, honest and deep. A formidable female-fusion of modern pop and hip hop unlike anything else Christian music has to offer, she has earned her performance stripes at festivals, camps and conferences all over the country. And now after five years of collaborations alongside artists like Flame, KB and The Truth, V.Rose has carved out a niche all her own, planting her flag where few female artists have dared to go.

Set for release on April 22, 2016 Young, Dangerous Heart—V.Rose's first full length release on Inpop Records—mirrors a young woman coming of age, finally confident in her own choices, in her own skin. “I finally know who I am as an artist, how to engage with an audience, what I want to say and how I want to say it,” she says, relaxed in the Sacramento home. “I’m happy with where my music is at, and I’m excited to go even further as a performer, confident in my calling, but knowing there’s always more to learn.” Hers is a gospel, not just for church girls, but for young women and men within and outside church walls. The message is simple: to find the joy of knowing who you really are, get to know who God says you are.

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